What is Stage Analysis?

Stan Weinstein outlined the principles of Stage Analysis in his 1988 book, Stan Weinstein's Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets.

This classic text opened the door for many non-professionals to execute successful trading system based on his detailed description of the best prospects for long buys and short sale positions. However, his classic concepts have a far wider reach — it is a premise that gives the best time for a trader to enter and trade the market.

It divides market action by 4 segment (Stages) which analyzes prices dynamics over a continuous cycle that includes bottoms, breakouts, top peaks breakdowns and downtrend occurrences.

We have studied Stan Weinstein and Mastered Stage Analysis and have brought you this technical analysis course to improve your stock trading and investing.

Important Insight

98% of all big winners, dating back from 1800s to current day have been in confirmed Stage 2 BEFORE they made their big move.

- Mark Minervini

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The non-negotiable criteria

Mark Minervini, 2 time US investing championship winner, is famous for saying that "Stage 2 uptrend is his non-negotiable criteria".

According to Mark, "this is the very first thing you need to get right or everything else will be unecessary" (quote from his Master Trader Program 2022). Stage Analysis is a timeless principle that works on any asset and any timeframe.

Mark (left) is one of the best living traders. He achieved his audited record of whooping +33,500% investing gain over the course of 5 years implementing the secrets taught by Stan Weinstein. Mark is a close friend to Stan Weinstein (right) who also runs an institutional fund grade service called Global Trend Alert .


  1. Can this course be used for crypto? Yes.
  2. Can this be used on lower timeframes (less than 1 day or week)? Yes.
  3. Does the course follow Stan Weinstein methodology? Yes.
  4. Is this course suitable for beginners? Yes.
  5. Is this solely technical course? Yes.
  6. Can I get a refund if I do not like it? Yes.
  7. Anything else? Email us